Open 6pm till late. Tuesday to Saturday.


​1) It's pronounced mer-day-kar-ya. Not Merdeka Ria. 
Or  Merdeka Raya. Because that just makes no sense.

2) Yes, we're aware that merde is French for shit, so technically  our name means shit art. We can live with that.                                                                                                                         
3) Telekom Malaysia informs us that, according to their computers, our address doesn't even exist. How's that for indie-cred?

3b) We were told we have very bad feng-shui because of a nangka tree. We don't know why the bastard tree is doing this to us but since we have bad feng-shui, we're eliminating the number f-o-u-r from this list.You do what you can.

5) Our entrance is via the back alley (you may insert your homosexual joke here, but what are you, ten?).

6) We didn't have to pay an interior designer to help us look "cheap and grungy". We did it by picking up cheap and grungy things off the side of the road.

7) All the cool stuff (like the stage, lights, bookshelves etc) we built ourselves using discarded wooden pallets and spindles. All the boring stuff is from Ikea.

​8) We did this because we're musicians/writers ourselves and therefore can't afford expensive furniture, but we're telling people it's "for the environment" even though the bloody environment put a nangka tree in front of our shop that's buggering up our feng-shui for no good reason. 



1) Merdekarya is for mature audiences only.  But since we know some four-year-olds who are more mature than some forty-year-olds, we’ll leave it to you to decide what “mature” is.

2) There is space for all opinions here. If God and The Devil signed up for our open-mic, they’d be given 10 minutes each. Fair’s fair.

3) There is a one-drink minimum. No outside food and drinks allowed. This should be obvious and we can’t believe we even need to write this.

4) Tip the featured act performing at Merdekarya. If you’re an artist yourself, it’s good karma. If not, it’s good manners.

5) The customer is sometimes right, sometimes wrong. We’ll gladly help to point out mana satu.