1) Be at the venue by 8.00pm.

2) This is a MAXIMUM 4-PIECE full band open mic for bands WITH DRUMMERS only.

3) We provide a kick, tom, floor tom, hi-hat and one cymbal and ride stand. Drummers MUST bring their own snare and cymbals.
4) We provide 3 DIs and 3 mics. No amps are provided. If you need to use one, bring your own. Also bring your own instruments, cables, keyboard stands and additional book stands etc., if necessary.

​5) You can book ONLY ONE SLOT per month.

​6) Each slot is 4 songs. The set should be no longer than 30 minutes, including set-up and tear-down.

7) REMEMBER: You must perform at least ONE original song during your set.

​8) No singing along to minus-ones / instrumental tracks

9) No mic-ing up of guitars. Only guitars with pickup allowed

10) Open micers (only band members) do not pay the RM20 cover charge (that does not include a drink). All others do (family members and friends included).

​Fill in the form below, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Note: PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CABLES. We have 3 mics and 3 DIs - if you need more gear, please bring your own.