From Jalan Bangsar, get onto the NPE (don't worry la, no need to pay toll). Go-go-go then pass Angkasapuri then go-go-go then pass Pantai Dalam then still go-go then SUDDENLY there will be turn to your left to Kampung Pantai Dalam - take this turn. Drive-drive-drive through the kampung, you will pass a Petronas on your left, still go-go-go - you will see Merdekarya on your left above Restoran Sun Raj. Entrance is through the back alley.

Drive-drive-drive along Jalan Gasing and then just before the Old Town roundabout, there's a traffic light next to Beaconhouse. Turn left at this light, and turn right at the end of that road. You will pass some shops on your right (Khun Thai, Kavita's). Keep driving and you will see Merdekarya on your right next to a bus stop.Entrance is through the back alley.


​From Bangsar station, the cab ride should be about 5 minutes. If you're taking the bus, it's U75 - try to sit on the left side of the bus. Look out for the Petronas Gasing Indah, when you see it you know you're nearby already. A minute later you should reach a block of shops surrounding a small park on your left. Get down there - the bus stop is just beside Merdekarya.

From Amcorp Mall station, the cab ride should be about 5 minutes also, but there's no bus connection.

Buy a ticket to Petaling, then wait-wait-wait for the announcement that the train will be delayed. Wait-wait-wait some more. When you finally reach Petaling (if you're arriving from KL-side, cross the overhead bridge), walk past the flats and you come to the main road. Turn left, walk past the Petronas station, walk-walk-walk for about 10-15 minutes until you reach Restoran Sun Raj on your left. Merdekarya is above the restaurant. Entrance is via the back alley.

The Templer Station is much much closer to Merdekarya than the Petaling station (about 2 minutes' walk away). But it's so stupidly designed. If you wanna brave it, here goes:

If you're arriving from KL-side, cross the overhead bridge. If you're facing the track, walk left till the edge of the platform. Here you will have to jump/climb down off the platform (it's about a meter high). Walk along the unused track on your left, and you will see a red paved lane between two houses. Take this lane. At the end of the lane, turn left along the road. Then take the first right.Then the first right after that. At the end of the road, you will see a small staircase leading to some shops. Walks along the shops - at the end of the row is Restoran Sun Raj. Merdekarya is above Sun Raj. Entrance is via the back alley.