#DiscoverGrassrootsMusic right here at AKARfm, a playlist of songs you've probably never heard before by musicians you probably don't know.


Make it your PKP playlist for just THREE DAYS to teman you as you go about your day, and here's what we GUARANTEE:


You'll love some songs, hate some songs, be meh about some songs. Some songs will stick in your head for life. You'll probably become a lifelong fan of at least two bands (click the      to get to the profile and more music from the bands you like).

You see, it works exactly the way you've listened to "international songs" all your life, except you'll never have to travel to Singapore or Thailand to watch these bands live.

Cubalah. Give it the same repetition in plays that the radio has inflicted upon you since you were old enough to listen, and you might discover a whole new world of honest music that hasn't been predetermined for you by western marketing trends.

Go ahead. Give it try. It's #SapotLokal with a twist: Let local music support you, the way "international music - whatever that means", has all your life.

And if you take the #GrassrootsMusicChallenge and you find that what we say above is true, please share the music and come out for a gig when the pause finally turns back to play.