6.30pm till midnight
Tuesday to Saturday
Closed Sunday & Monday

RM20 ENTRY includes
drink voucher worth RM10

9pm till 1am (Tue, Wed, Thu)
9pm till 2am (Fri, Sat)
Closed Sunday & Monday


352, Annexe & First Floor,
Jalan 5/57, Bukit Gasing,
Section 5, 46000 PJ



​Brian 016 2071 553


Here are the measures we're taking at Merdekarya following recent developments:

1) No more than 50 customers are allowed inside The Live Bar (the capacity is 120) on any given day. All customers are required to register (name, number, country of residence) at the reception. This is so that you're trackable and contactable in the event of an outbreak.

1B) It's unlikely 50 people will show up anyway, but to be sure you won't be turned away at the door, reservations are encouraged. Please Whatsapp 016-2071553 to make one.

2) The bar, stage, tables, chairs and all frequently touched surfaces (door handles etc) are sanitised before you enter and periodically throughout the night.

2b) If, at any point, for any reason at all, you require your table to be sanitised again, please inform the bar staff.

3) There are Sanitizing Stations at every strategic corner. Please use them as frequently as you can.

4) We've taken off all physical menus. Please scan the barcode on your table or go to merdekarya dot com to access our online menu.

5) Unfortunately, we've switched to plastic cups/cutlery. No glasses/plates etc. It's unlikely we'll be able to upcycle all of these, so if you're an artist/DIY enthusiast who can do so, please get in touch with us.

Finally, if you're staying home but are inclined to try and support local musicians in some way, here's a Spotify playlist featuring musicians who play at Merdekarya:


The Live Bar is closed
till 31 March 2020.

The Diner Bar is open
for takeaway orders from 12noon to 10pm daily till
31 March 2020.

Pre-order here.

Okay, so here's the deal:

1) All people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, are welcome here. Except people who disagree with this policy.
​Yeah, those people can pergi main jauh-jauh.

2) Merdekarya is for mature audiences. But since we know some four-year-olds who are more mature than some forty-year-olds, we'll leave it to you to decide what "mature" is.

3) There is space for all opinions here. If God and The Devil signed up for our open mic, they'd be given 15 minutes each. Fair's fair.

4) Tip the artist on stage. If you're an artist yourself, it's good karma. If you're not, it's just good manners.

5) The customer is sometimes right, sometimes wrong. We'll gladly help to point out mana satu.

Important notice for first-timers:

Although our address is Jalan 5/57, our entrance faces the main road
(Jalan 5/46).
Walk around Restoran Sun Raj and you'll see our sign: