This is a MAXIMUM 4-PIECE full band open mic for bands WITH DRUMMERS only. All bands need to have a minimum of TWO songs, max FOUR songs. Only ORIGINALS. No covers allowed. Also, no singing along to minus-ones / instrumental tracks.


We provide 3 DIs and 3 vocal mics only. Bring your own instrument cables, keyboard stands and additional bookstands etc. if necessary, but NO AMPS, please. All instruments go through our DI boxes.

We provide a kick, tom, floor tom, hi-hat and one cymbal and ride stand. Drummers MUST bring their own snare and cymbals.

Be at the venue NO LATER THAN 8.15pm. If you arrive at 8.16pm, we reserve the right to not allow you on stage. Please register at the bar the moment you arrive.  

Your slot is 20 minutes or 3 songs max, INCLUDING SET-UP AND TEAR DOWN. You can book ONLY ONE SLOT per month.

The drums are mic-ed, so do not whack the hell out of our drums. If you do, our sound engineer will not push up the levels for the rest of your band to compensate for your whacking. It’s a small venue. Don’t worry. You will be heard.
Also, please don't forget to bring YOUR OWN SNARE AND CYMBALS. We have stands.

Make sure your guitar has a pickup. We will not mic up your guitar. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CABLES.

Bring your own microphone or you won’t be allowed to perform.

If you have to cancel your slot, do let us know at least 7 days in advance by writing to merdekarya@gmail.com. Otherwise we'll have to add you to our list of banned open micers.


Also, please note that open micers performing do not have to pay the cover charge but EVERYONE ELSE DOES. Please let your family/friends/fans/supporters know about this.

Please send this note to ALL your band members so everyone knows what’s what.


Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


Thank you. We'll confirm your booking within 48 hours